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Pivx Lite exists with the sole aim of becoming one of the most widely utilized privacy-based coins in the market segment. The stated mission of Pivx Lite is to be an open source, scalable, cryptocurrency that places user privacy above all else.  Financial privacy in the crytpo space has been overlooked by most market participants due to a lack of knowledge and the misconception that cryptocurrencies, in general, are private.  They are not.  We created Pivx Lite to facilitate instantaneous, secure and untraceable transactions, utilizing the latest state of the art cryptography and blockchain technology.   In short, we endeavor to make it impossible for a third party to figure out through chain analysis who the sender and receiver are and the amount of coins transferred in any block.  As explained in further detail in our white paper, we accomplish this task utilizing masternodes, coin mixing, shielded addresses with zk-SNARK encryption and The Onion Router (TOR) and DEFI with wrapped tokens.

2 Features


Pivx Lite is fast and cheap to transact with.  We utilize zk-SNARK cryptography to provide you with the highest level of security and anonymity.

Fast Confirmations

Pivx Lite has a 60 second block time that translates into one of the fastest confirmation times in the industry. With the use of masternodes, confirmation times are instant, like when using a credit or debit card.

Proven technology

Pivx Lite is based on the bitcoin core but uses a faster block time and significantly stronger encryption algorithm and state of the art zk-SNARK cryptography utilized by Zcash and others.

Community driven

Decisions regarding the future of Pivx Lite will be voted on by the masternode owners. The system is commonly referred to as Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governance structure.

Low Tranfer Fees

Low operational and liquidity costs. Compared to every other coin and tokens in the market Pivx Lite is by far on of the fastest and cheapest. Transfers are instantaneously and the average transfer fee is only 0.00004 PIVXL.
3 Mobile Wallets


Updated mobile wallets are now released and available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store




Fork pivx repo, set up testnet, set new spork keys, rebrand to Pivx Lite
December 2019
Launch mainnet on January 8, 2020. Complete new website, setup Slack, Twitter and Reddit pages. Start coin swap with Quark 2.0 holders.
January 2020
The dev team is continuing coin swap. The team is also in active discussions with 2 crpto exchanges to list Pivx Lite coins
June - Sep. 2020
Update wallets with minor bug fixes. Release mobile wallets for Android and IOS platforms. Release TOR USB Hidden Wallet.
March - May 2020
Continue to work on implementation of zk-SNARKS with anticipated 4th Quarter release.
June - Sep. 2020
Release new blockchain security, release new desktop wallets to support new chain. Continue with marketing and promotion.
Oct. - Dec. 2020
Test and update github code and wallets to enable zk-SNARK transactions
Dec. 2020 – April 2021
Mainnet release of the zkSNARK upgrade and reduce block reward to 2
April 2021
Official Release of Pivx Lite White Paper v1.0 released
July 2021
Trading opens on Graviex Exchange and tracked by Nomics and Coinlore
Sept. 2021
Release updated wallets that improve performance and sync rates
Dec. 2021
PIVXL asset tracking initiated by Live Coin Watch
Jan. 2022
Update Tails OS to PIVXL Linux Wallet v2.1 that utilizes TOR outbound connections only
March 2022
Update Android mobile wallet to v2.0 with shielded addresses
June 2022
Update Apple IOS mobile wallet to v2.1 with shielded addresses
July 2022
The Foundation wrapped 100,000 PIVXL into wPIVXL tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for DEFI applications
July 2022
Wrapped PIVXL listed on Pancakeswap with trading pairs wPIVXL/BNB and wPIVXL/BUSD
July 2022
Wrapped Pivx Lite token now tracked by Top 100 Token
August 2022
Wrapped Pivx Lite market data supplied by BscScan (a product of Etherscan)
August 2022
Wrapped Pivx Lite now tracked by Poocoin Charts
August 2022




We are always searching for new ideas and talent. Usually, these two things go hand in hand. If you have an idea regarding the coin or ability to assist in some way then please contact Pivx Lite by sending an email to: or click the link.

7 Network

Growing Global

Pivx Lite is slowly gaining popularity among crypto community. Lots of real companies and exchanges have adopted our coin already. There is much more to come. Stay tuned.