Pivx Lite rewards holders of the coin by paying 30% of the block reward (.60 Pivxl) for staking your coins. This means you keep your wallet open and unlocked to create what is known as a node to better protect the network. We use POS 3.0 and rewards occur automatically after only a day on average.

POW was only active for a few days to generate the exact amount of coins necessary for a 1 to 1 coin swap of former Quark 2.0 holders. We have a snapshot at block 353,155 (August 2019) to swap out all coins 1 to 1. This means we mined 9,321,106 coins for the coin swap. Proof of work was then deactivated and the network is now supported by POS and masternodes only.

Pivx Lite generates a new block every 60 seconds. This is one of the fasted block times in the crypto space.
2 Pivxl coins are generated per block and with the implementation of Pivx Lite masternodes transactions are instant.