Our Features

Pivx Lite masternodes are based on the latest PIVX designs but with 2 very important differences. We require 100,000 Pivx Lite coins for a masternode and rewards are split 70% to masternodes owners (1.4 coins per block) and 30% to POS (.60 coins per block). For more information you can go here to learn more details.

Pivx Lite has extremely low transaction fees for normal situations. When sending Pivx Lite you have the option to send using Swift TX (sometimes referred to as “coin mixing”) which is based on Dash InstantSend but is better. This transaction costs slightly more but is still close to the cheapest in the entire crytpo community

Pivx Lite uses the exact same masternodes as the current version of Pivx that includes Swift TX and obfuscation (8 rounds of coin mixing) to disguise the source of the transaction should you desire to use this service. This makes it virtually impossible for someone to uncover the details of the transaction with having access to a majority of the masternodes on the network.