Our Features

Zk-SNARK stands for “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge”. It is an encryption protocol that completely obfuscates the sender and receiver address and also the amount of coins transferred in the block.

POW was only active for a few days to generate the exact amount of coins necessary for a 1 to 1 coin swap of former Quark 2.0 holders. We have a snapshot at block 353,155 (August 2019) to swap out all coins 1 to 1. This means we mined 9,321,106 coins for the coin swap. Proof of work was then deactivated and the network is now supported by POS and masternodes only.

Pivx Lite has extremely low transaction fees compared to most other coins and tokens. The average cost for a transfer using is only 0.000085 PIVXL. The average transaction cost utilizing zk-SNARK encryption is only 0.02 PIVXL. Transaction fees are burnt.